Two years ago I was in transition in my personal life and had unexpected free time.  As a result, I was in search for a good book to bury myself in.  That’s how I stumbled onto this book.  This book captivated me from the beginning to end, easily renewing my passion for reading, with all the twists and turns. It was thought provoking and an enjoyable read.

The riveting tragic debut novel by Ayobami Adeobayo centers on a young couple in Nigeria and their struggle with infertility.  I’m fond of this book because of the way it evokes an array of emotions and how it cleverly touches on love, femininity, masculinity, the delicacy of marriage, while weaving in traditional Nigerian family dynamics and politics.

Throughout the book, I wondered, how well does one know one’s significant other? Or maybe the better question is how well does one know oneself?

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