These two books were enjoyable reads. Yaa Gyasi is so talented, and Toni Morrison was a genius!!!

Here are two intriguing passages:

The truth is we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t even know the questions we need to ask in order to find out, but when we learn one tiny little thing, a dim light comes on in a dark hallway, and suddenly a new question appears. We spend decades, centuries, millennia, trying to answer that one question so that another dim light will come on. That’s science, but that’s also everything else, isn’t it? Try. Experiment. Ask a ton of questions.
Yaa Gyasi, Transcendent Kingdom

My point is that African Americans are still being employed in that way: to disappear the white poor and unity all classes and region, erasing the real lines of conflict.
Toni Morrison, The Source of Self-Regard

What were your honorable mentions of 2020?