QOTD: Who was your favorite author in 2021?

My favorite author this year was Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi! She is creative, thought-provoking with engaging stories that have remarkable character depth. 

The first book of hers that I read was her most recent novel, A Girl Is A Body of Water (also known as the First Woman in the UK), which is a coming-of-age book set in Uganda. I loved this book; it was my second favorite book this year. But, I will not lie; the size of the book is daunting. Honestly, Jennifer is such an impeccable writer that I forget the novel’s length.  

Since I enjoyed this book, I read her second novel, Manchester Happened, a captivating collection of short stories. In the first half of the book, the short stories consist of the experiences of Ugandans migrating to Manchester, England. In the second half, the stories are of Ugandans returning home after living in England. Some of these stories were just heart-breaking! 

I’m excited to read her debut novel, Kintu, in 2022! Of course, as you can see, I’m reading her work in reverse, but why not?!

What author are you looking forward to reading in 2022? Have you read anything by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi?