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Last: PLEASANTVIEW by Celeste Mohammed

I’ve seen numerous glowing reviews of this book. So, I thought it was a perfect selection for this month. Pleasantview is a fictional town in Trinidad, and the book highlights the dark side of living in the Caribbeans. The book is written in English and Trinidad Creole and consists of multiple short stories. The storytelling is vivid and raw. Let’s just say I”m still mulling over my thoughts on this book.

Now: WHEN WE WERE BIRDS by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

This is another Caribbean read for this month. I’ve seen several mixed reviews of this book. It’s not a book I will usually pick it up, but I”m curious. I’m reading it with two other bookstagram buddies, and that’s always fun


I’m so excited to read this book; the other two books in this series were transformational. I do not think this one will disappoint. In fact, I suspect this will be my favorite out of the three. Reader, I know, know – going into a book with such great expectation can lead to such disappointment. But, I guess this is why we read! So, stay tuned for my thoughts on this one.