June Wrap Up 2022

At the beginning of June, I selected three books that I thought were manageable to get through. I was excited to read all of them because of the glowing reviews. Plus, June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month, so excellent time to read more Caribbean novels. Well, let’s just say one out of three was a hit!

Here’s what I read:

1.  Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo – This book was outstanding! This was a book club read, and everyone loved it. Evaristo is a unique storyteller; she has a talent for allowing the story to naturally unfold. This is a must read, so stay tuned for my complete review. Rating: 5

2. Pleasantview by Celeste Mohammed – A popular book on Instagram, and I read it with great anticipation, but it was just an okay read. Mohammed accomplished her goal of highlighting the dark side of living in the Caribbeans, but the book’s flow was disjointed, which caused me to be less connected. I’m glad I finally read it, but not my favorite. Rating: 3

3. When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo – Again, another popular book on Instagram. I participated in a read-along with two other bookstagram buddies, and let’s just say this was underwhelming, so much so that I DID NOT FINISH! This is the first book I did not finish this year. The book started off very slow, and 100 + pages into it, I was not fully engaged. I may pick it up at a later date…disappointing so far. 

So, reader, how was your June?